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Dear friends! Me and my blog were with you for almost three and a half years every day. And I decided that it’s time to relax a little. I think my “vacation” will be quite short, just about a week. But during that time I’m going to think about the future of Sugoi! Blog and where I’d like to move next. So, until the first day of September there will no new posts in the blog. I hope you will miss me, because I certainly will miss you ^__^ See you soon!

selector spread WIXOSS PV

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J.C.Staff within the Comiket 86 fest released a trailer for the selector spread WIXOSS anime series, which is a sequel for the spring season show selector infected WIXOSS.

Shirobako PV

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This show will certainly appeal to many anime fans. Firstly because Shirobako is an original TV series by P.A. Works. And secondly the show will tell us about the everyday life of anime industry staff! We are looking forward for the fall season.

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