Top-7 Hot Anime Moms

I decided to make a slightly unusual rating – hot mothers from our favorite anime series. All of these women deserve only the top of the podium, so there will be no winners and losers. Here you go:

Kiriko Aoi [Godannar]

Goei Sonsaku [Ikkitousen]

Tamamo [Kanokon]

Yasuko Takasu [Toradora!]

Masane Amaha [Witchblade]

Meme Towa [Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko]

Takagi Yuriko [Highschool of the Dead]

So, this is a list of six seven beautiful moms. If you have someone to add, write about it in the comments. The most deserving characters will be added to this top and immortalized in the best anime blog around.