Seikon no Qwaser II – 12

At the end of the season in my head is spinning just one question – what was it? The first half passed in an unfamiliar environment, with nice, but generally unnecessary characters, and the second was a solid, as I said before, a set of “additional” episodes, with tons of fanservice and a gram of the plot. And in the end, when you’re already mentally prepared to say goodbye to the show, they say it’s only the beginning and the “wheels of destiny spins”. War, they told, are not far off. It’s not very honest, guys. Why would you not make another 12 episodes, dynamic and interesting, as a reward for what we had to watch the first 12? And when should we wait for the next season, which will tell us about a fascinating, no doubt, history of infighting Athos? We haven’t the answers to these questions so far.