Mayo Chiki! – 13 ~End~

In fact, the main part of the series ended last week. This episode should have been a bonus on the last BD, but now it has become fashionable to broadcast such specials on TV. With censorship, of course.

In one of the last Mayo Chiki! reviews, I complained that such gorgeous character as Nakuru gets too little screen time. The situation was corrected here – this episode is entirely dedicated to reckless girl with cat ears and huge breasts:

Shameless act of censorship. We'll have to wait for the BD

Nakuru is a talented and versatile person!

Yes, it's a screenshot from Mayo Chiki! too


So moe i'm gonna die!

  • Lol. Best epsiode for the most amount of fandom-fanservice (not in ecchi way) pack in. I almost thought for a second that Mira was going to have voiced lines, lol.

  • This ending was retarded.