Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 11

It was a very nice episode about the traditional festival with a yukata, goldfishes and… the eternal competition between Yozora and Sena. However, this episode is remarkable not even because of festival, but because of what happened at the very end. It was wonderful and a little sad. And now it’s very interesting, how will it change the relationships between our heroes?

Mass cameo

Men's tear ran down my cheek at this moment

  • Manly tears were shed by me, too ;_;

    Everything great about Haganai was in this episode in full force. The OST was brilliant and the humor & drama was pitch perfect.

    • Tabris

      But one thing remains a mystery for now – what will happen in the last episode? ^__^ I hope it will become the largest diamond in Haganai crown.

  • Rika expression in the first image, Fu*k yeaaahhh…

    Btw, Rika in Yukata absolutely cute. She looks very different than usual, while wearing a lab coat.

    • Sonic

      Don’t you think Rika in yukata and with her hair down looks just like Yozora only with the glasses?

      • Hmmm, I think doesn’t looks like Yozora