Highschool DxD – 11

This episode is a solid action and you just need to see it. A shame we didn’t see Akeno’s fight while it was supposed to be one of the most interesting things in the tournament, but on the other hand, Issei made level-up for his Boosted Gear and proved that Rias have a strongest pawn in her team:

"He’s there, the phantom of the opera!"

Just a good shot

The final episode is going to be exciting.


    only words say on it ONORE RAISER!!!

    yea that d-(bleep) raiser win yea all it total beatdown on issei to point burn cook issei alive yet his body can re-generate GRR ONORE RAISER indeed.

    give battle hey we got unlimited blades in it too.

    but now we got rias being damsel in distress now yea no way see rias being part of raiser’s HOE-SKI!!!

    yea one ep left we’re so wanting either get biggest objection/wedding crasher to really like “raiser let see ya grit those teeth!”.

  • antonio

    I was right!!! , the hero the macho has all the action