Highschool DxD – 12 [End]

It’s the final episode one of the best TV series not only in the current season, but in the appropriate genre. The final was full of explosive action and romantic experiences (jealous Asia was just great!). Of course, the handsome prince once again proved to be stronger than his sworn enemy, but thus he turned out to be a dragon:

Rias' brother. Needs no introduction

Just no comment

Guess who?

Finally, the first kiss!

The beautiful princess

It’s quite some time before OVA release in September but there is hope that our expectation will brighten up the news about the second season.

  • Aiito

    Quite a transformation Issei has here

  • jingoi

    Only thing I’ve watched from every episode of this show are the ecchi scenes, with most of this show 95% frakking cliched I couldn’t care for the story at all. Only praise I can give it is that the girls aren’t constantly beating him up and his dress break “coughf2ckyouamaenaideyocough”. I hope the rest of the series has Issei enjoy his harem (not ok with just peeping and groping, at least some foreplay) instead of only the boring romance with Rias. If so then I’ll watch this series fully.

    • Sonic

      In other words you didn’t watch it but you dislike it. Nice. Just go and watch some hentai, dude.

  • zeonozero

    It is an awesome show for what it wanted to accomplish


    hurray we can rejoice now all is safe & well.

    yes best wedding crasher yea issei now rias’ virginity said in front of everyone YES.

    oh rias’ brother is there pulled make wedding crash so we get issei vs raiser.

    yet here it goes issei yea pulled I AM IRON MAN mode yet what a brawl give oh raiser does got a weakness the holy cross but 10 count too late.

    always count on back-up combine with holy water ha ha ha raiser’s face is all messed-up & gut punch down goes the d-bag raiser.

    yep all good ride the griffen with rias get the kiss, risa moving to issei’s house & get her to smile all is well in issei’s world.

    now got wonder expect s2 & funi i know you got it license so waiting for hear your dub on it.

    • Sonic

      P.S. Funi’s dub sucks


        do not boo the dub.

        give i’m dub person besides i’m curious on funi dub version on & yea don’t over look dubs anime.

  • darkrobothakaider

    I would kill ppl for season 2(*_*)

    • Sonic

      you just need to buy the BDs. The more they’ll sell the more chances for the second season.