Zero no Tsukaima F – 12 [End]

When the regular season of your favorite anime ends, it’s normal to feel some melancholy and sadness. But this feeling becomes much stronger when it comes to the final season of the cult TV series and Zero no Tsukaima, without a doubt, is a cult show. It’s no joke, we watched its very first episode almost six years ago!

A lot has happened with ZnT during these six years. There were manga, the game and the second season, followed by a third. Later in the production of adaptations there was a lull. And now, three and a half years after the release of Princesse no Rondo, after tons of news about a re-broadcast of the first seasons and the sad reports about health of the ranobe author, we got the fourth and final season. And it was surprisingly good! So good that the thought “My God, how much they’re going to mess with it?” gave way to thought “It was so great! But is it really the end?”.

That’s it. And we just have to say goodbye to this wonderful series and its characters. See you, Saito, Louise, Tifa, Taba, Siesta, Henrietta and all the others!

  • Aiito

    Great,finally Saito and louise get married!

    • Sonic

      I’m not so happy about their marriage. I think Tiffa should be Saito’s wife not Louise

  • darkrobothakaider

    any1 heard the news MrAnime the youtube anime reviewer kills his family? damn shocking….i was his sub 2o.o’

    • Tabris

      It’s the first time I heard about this MrAnime. But if this rumor is true I feel sorry for his family.

      • darkrobothakaider

        hes seem like a nice guy doing anime review….wow…..i guess u never known if a guy is psycho killer

  • darkrobothakaider

    erm..btw ZnT f FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I folo this series six years ago 2 lol! awsome ending! luise is less of a bitch now. i was hoping for a harem ending but a least the writer dsent give a crappy open ending=D

    • Sonic

      oh, man, harem endings are the best! too bad this anime hasn’t have it

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