Queen’s Blade ~Rebellion~ – 08

Can you imagine how much of fanservice should be in a fanservice episode of a fanservice series? Yes, it’s a huge amount of fanservice almost from each of the heroines. Indeed, it was so much they even had to use “steam” censorship in a pair of scenes:

And here is the censorship =_=

LunaLuna changes her colors very quickly

So much of Aldra's fanservice we haven't seen even in the previous two seasons

  • Genki

    Whoa! this looks great. Black & white luna lol. Hope they remove the steam in the BD. But still no Branwen fanservice wtf!

  • jingoi

    Guess we’ll never see Eilin, Ymir or Sainyang nude.

  • do you know the link to this???
    anilinkz don’t have it…

    • jingoi

      go to animeonthego