Queen’s Blade ~Rebellion~ – 09

This is the ninth episode already, but still we are meeting new characters. And not an armies but only crazy Aldra’s toys from the previous episode are starting an epic battles here. As it seems to me, the next season is already waiting for us later this year:

The new heroine - Izumi. Samurai girl with gorgeous butt

"Maria". Yes, of course, we didn't recognize you.

I told you that it's gorgeous!

  • KLAC-of_Fighters

    hey i did not know they have chifusa manyuu in this show with same voice as well.

    oh bit some “maybe familar” faces in it too yeah nice mask “maria”.

  • antonio

    YES IS LEINA !!! the dragon tail

  • Genki

    Nice review, but who’s the one with the red hair?

    • Sonic

      It’s Risty, I think. Or the Swamp Witch.

    • FailDRE86

      weak sauce Risty

  • moonworld

    The one with red hair is Risty. Nice to see her and Leina back! :)