Asa made Jugyou Chu! OVA

We’ve been waiting Asa made Jugyou Chu! OVA since November last year, right since its announcement, and now it came out. Those who read the manga (or my previous posts on the topic) already have an idea about ​​the plot, but the rest of you also can handle with this show without any special preparation. You just should have nerves of steel, strong nose and be over 18 years old:

Yuuki’s nose couldn’t stand it. And how is your nose?


    only matter til IF we tv series of it then cue YES YES YES!!!

  • chaos

    links plz

  • A_FAN

    damn, u got it already, its nowhere to find :S
    any link?

  • antonio

    Otra serie de la niña con senos de adulta que se muere por el palurdo

  • Juanelo

    Dammmmmn i need it right now, but i can’t find it anywhere

    • Tabris

      If you need it so badly use the link above. You could find it in p2p in no time. Or you can wait for torrent a day or two.

      • rwehads

        I didn’t find it in no time….
        I didn’t find it at all <.<

  • Bau55

    I’m gonna break something if nobodies comes up with a link for the wonderful creation of a anime or OVA

  • Bau55

    I mean this wonderful “creation of an anime”

  • Rin

    you’re stupid Bau55

  • antonio

    children with adult breast , it is japan :(

    • Sonic

      please stop that shit about “children” already, it’s really annoying

  • Badbeat

    antonio is maricón :/

  • Genki

    wtf is this hentai? i’ve not read or heard of this thats why :| but it looks good :D

  • Taron

    All right!

  • Chembuddy

    So there are no links for this yet? I’ve looked everywhere and I still cannot find this. Is it still too early, or is this OVA not as popular as I first thought?

  • antonio

    Que paso japon ? antes eran mujerones en los animes ahora lolis y mas lolis
    y niñas con senos de adultas,y palurdos.

  • Cybz

    dafuq? so when will this anime be realsed?

    • Tabris

      Everybody was waiting for the BD release. I think the raw will be on torrents during 24h.

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  • takashi

    fot those that they can’t find the anime in raw

  • takashi

    it’s simple so u just have to to go to google and write the anime plus ova raw and that’s it

  • takashi

    after that u just have to search and website japanese of anime in raw :)

  • takashi

    hora ne !!!


    i watch & i was like are you serious bro?

    indeed yea this jug chu anime really give teacher doing give remind of asia from DxD same voice too yea sure bath stuff doing prevent one guy safety.

    ok then yea only matter til we get the tv series indeed YES YES YES.