Nazo no Kanojo X – 11

This season, without any exaggeration, is outstanding in the genre of school romance. Nazo no Kanojo X, as well as Tasogare Otome×Amnesia, became a real breakthrough in this genre, pleasing us more and more with each new episode. So happens this time also, the eleventh episode is absolutely beautiful, but in addition there is a lot of fanservice and along with it, unfortunately, a lot of censorship:

Most likely all of this “darkness” will disappear on BD. Well, maybe not all. We’ll wait and see.

  • Wow, they went all out this time! I’m guessing Tsubaki took off his blindfold at some point if he got beaten as in that one shot.

    • Tabris

      The blindfold just fell, but Tsubaki was really happy about it even after a knockout ^^

      • If that were me, I’d go, “Heaven is a place on Earth!” XD

  • Taron



    yet all this should i watch this series or wait if get dub?

    • Tabris

      If you’re not watching it ongoing then you should wait for bd version definitely.


    & yet i watch already 11eps in & turn out quite ok give i’m disturb/squick/brain bleach on whole saliva/drool issues give yet tell emotion & feeling did not see that coming.

    ep.11 ok then sure give bit WHAT & LMAO poor tsubaki get double slap punch ko from it at least it was not a “nice boat”.