Queen’s Blade ~Rebellion~ – 12

This is it. We didn’t see an epic battles of two armies all over the Continent, but everything has ended by one battle in the throne hall. Claudette had gone into the sunset and everyone else began to live in peace and friendship:

Chibi Melona is quite kawaii

The best treatment in the world

Leina and her narcolepsy

Any protagonist of a harem TV show would envy such a gorgeous group of main heroines

Well, now we just have to say goodbye to Queen’s Blade ~Rebellion~ and wait for specials from upcoming BD volumes.

  • madt

    Congrats for the QBR project Tabris, you did great reviews.

    Do you know if there will be more seasons? I think there are too many characters (which is pretty cool) for so few episodes (this is quite sad).

    I ask you to talk… rather write XD about the specials, I think they will be related to exceed censorship rules or something like that; at least that’s what the title suggests. Anyway, I’m not sure and I don’t want to make confusion (I hope you can help me).

    “Saludos a todos” (I’ve seen some messages in spanish) =)

    • Tabris

      Thanks, madt!

      About the next season: yes, the chance is about 99% that we will see it. The franchise is developing rapidly, a new characters books will be released soon, so I’m sure the new season is on the way also.

      And of course I will write about the BD specials as soon as they will be released, I know that is what I definitely should do for the great justice ^__^


        & here the proof http://queensblade.net/staffblog/?p=1551

        YES YES YES for more qb’s series.

        • madt

          I’ve used some japanese translators and I still getting almost anything. I guess I’ll have to wait for a version in a less complex language XD.

          Thanks anyway.

  • i think i won’t be patient to wait the special…


    & yet another series season of it is on the works again yea more qb’s series to watch.

    mu ha ha ha.

  • antonio

    wait a minute and the soldier girls and the prey ?

    • Sonic

      wut? try to ask again please

      • antonio

        the soldiers, and the guard personal of the queen ?

        • Sonic

          yeah, they are together now :)

  • Genki

    Episode looks great, cant wait to watch. And yea definitely great reviews on the season :-). Now onto the BD specials & probably a next season.

  • Jjilatt123

    The ending was kinda disappointing… I mean I woulda liked to see Annelotte really beat the crap outta Claudette, instead of her just walking off, but what can you do.

    At least more’s coming- I’ve really grown to like Rebellion, even more than the original. I’m sure another Queen’s Blade tourney is coming now, with both old and new competitors.

  • antonio

    queen’s blade fanservice and you think fanservice is fight


    so this ep

    annelotte arrive main room see luna & kung fu sisters in purple water here siggy.
    annelotte vs siggy lead booms with yuit vante mirim & etc notice.
    “ymir” appear doing make annelotte go down or else luna & kung fu get it.
    siggy is like against this “ymir” doing til water change get free catch “ymir.
    oh here mirmi with real ymir & busted cause fake it melona.
    everyone go like why cause melona doing on order of swamp witch to make chaos, riot, etc.
    after all blah queen clau rise & blast melona.
    cause queen clau said she do this for power & if anyone against her get elec-trigger.
    so cue everyone vs queen clau then mirim & luna tired but fall good news vante catch.
    “maria” free risty notice noise go check on it.
    siggy go pupple flame but nope then queen clau elec-trigger block by kung fu sisters.
    big blast lalia arrive see ymir & eliin with small melona too.
    kung fu sisters down so siggy going healing power rub behind move.
    queen clau aim for siggy then mirim shield them then down.
    annelotte unleash her horse go for rising slash but blasted too.
    look like game over here come “maria” to rescue.
    queen clau in shock then few moments “maria” nap time.
    queen clau tried to attack but annelotte being shield to “maria”.
    so the queen spare them all & oh melona got cannon milk shot by lalia.
    after all this now time to train & improve themselves to someday beat the queen.
    all rise a building & annelotte on horse cue the adventure continues.

    indeed series quite a re-introduce to those new to qb’s series with fresh new faces on it with few familiar give like reboot the series so now with more to come indeed more qb in the future.