Campione – 08

Campione! beach episode turned out to be heavily censored on Japanese TV channels. This was expected but still a little sad – such shots do not deserve to be ruined:

  • zeonozero

    I just saw this on Crunchyroll, the scenes were not censored, Im not sure where you got your video screenshots from

    • Tabris

      I got it from Tokyo MX version ^^ Yes, Crunchy showed it without censorship.

      • WOONCH

        Where can I download the uncensored version?

        • vegeta617

          Why bother? It’s just been stated that it’s on Crunchyroll. Just find a guest pass in the comments and you’re done.

  • BangaaBrute

    You can also watch it uncensored on

  • katos

    does crunchy roll show the whole series uncensored