To Love-Ru Darkness OVA – 01

Finally! The first To Love-Ru Darkness OVA is here. Its plot begins to develop immediately after the accident in the pool, ie from the place where we found ourselves at the end of Motto To Love-Ru (there is a lot of nudity below, so only 18+ readers, please!):

The OVA consists of three mini-episodes. The first is dedicated to the vagina Momo’s monologues. By the way, she is quite a brave girl!

The second part tells the story of Mikan in love. Yes, the magical pollen and Rito as the object of love are on their places again.

Well, in the third mini-episode it was the turn of Sairenji to transform into an animal. Of course she became the kawaii neko. And of course, it’s all ended in Rito’s bathroom.

So, there was tons of ecchi and fanservice in the OVA, but let’s hope that the upcoming TV series will offer us something more solid and exciting than a regular set of To Love-Ru’s standard oh-my-god-i-am-naked situations.

  • FanService , FanService Everywhere!!!

    No Steam No Shadow No Lights , Just a Pure Piece of Nudity

    Hope the TV will be like this too ><"

  • gagun20

    Esa ova Se ve increible Quiero verla!!
    Sugoi images ^¬^

  • FailDRE86

    As expected, the same crud with more nudity. I was shocked when I found out that the guy who made black cat did this crap aswell.

    • Qwaser Beams

      Well, the guy who did Black Cat only does the character designs for To Love-ru. The actual author of this series is someone else.

  • I so need to watch this series. I wonder does anyone know if the anime ends where Darkness starts?

    • Tony

      Motto To Love-Ru ends EXACTLY where the TLR Darkness will start off at. At least that’s where the manga TLR Darkness manga started out at.

      Have to watch To Love Ru, To Love Ru OVA’s(6), then Motto To Love Ru. That’s how its ordered really. then TLR Darkness after Motto TLR

      • Sweet. I’ll have to get on that. :3

  • darkrobothakaider


  • Bgear1992

    Next day, next day…..

  • slayer545-sama


  • Shadow

    Fap fap for the pedo fans of it page

  • jingoi

    Lack of Mikan nips makes me assume no full Yami nudity for the tv series.

  • Kamasdox

    link download

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  • Dcalito13

    i wonder these end of darkness