Ai Shinozaki in Weekly Playboy magazine

Yes, our favorite bikini model Ai Shinozaki appeared in Weekly Playboy Magazine! However, the photo shoot is relatively modest:

By the way, you can find the full version of this photo session in the 148th issue of Weekly Playboy.

  • God

    I wish she was my girlfriend!!!

  • Definitely a hot woman! I would totally be happy if I had her!

  • Thomasti82

    totallly a very hot girl–wow

  • Sean Halo

    most beautiful woman in the world

  • Budi Rames

    mantap oke

  • Budi Rames

    you beautiful ai shinozaki i am like you

  • so sexy

  • Kyle

    I think it was quite disrespectful for someone to call compliments, “guised”,”dehumanizing” “experience” “under” “surveillance”. Who was the female moron who couldnt keep her mouth shut? She will burn in hell for speaking unkind words about compliments.