Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai – 12 [End]

This time I will not say the standard phrase that it was one of the best series of the season. I just say it was the best series.

No, really. It has everything for this proud title: the main character is a real man with a beautiful soul, and generally well done in every way; the main heroine is just gorgeous and also she is not as “unreal” as most of her colleagues from other shows; harem is perfect, just like iPhone; an intelligent combination of comedy and drama that reveals the characters in a new way; and besides, fanservice was great too.

We don’t have to waste words when there is a girl like this:

Happy and crying Lisara – it’s just priceless:

So, my friends, let us be honest to admit we saw nothing better this season.

  • shadow

    one of the best series of the season , why ?

  • gulab

    I didn’t really care for Lisara much and there was too much of her, lol, and they didn’t show much of the other girls who I liked more.

    I haven’t seen it yet but is that last pic really from the episode? If only they always looked more like that XD

  • darkrobothakaider

    Good show. This season is such a downer for ecchi genre….

  • ibi

    i personally couldn’t wait for it to finish, only continued watching it cause i don’t like dropping something 4-5 episodes in

  • God

    It’s not that good!! kinda boring!!