Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – 10

Hagure Yuusha no Ecchi:

  • Genki

    Wow looking good, need to watch.So did they actually nail?

    • FailDRE86

      I doubt it, just like Seikon no Qwaser all you’re gonna get is extreme foreplay.

  • shadow

    and the macho, the male warrior have his girl adornament for sex
    for the new season of QB is a great idea it male warior
    defeating and having sex with the strippers.

  • jingoi

    So will Akatsuki ever do any of what he did to Miu with the other girls or is he another “I only want to love/eff one girl” type of guy?

    • Genki

      doubt it, since she is supposed to be his “sister” and supposing “love interest”.

      • FailDRE86

        From what I understand she is the demon king’s daughter whom he took with him from the fantasy world. On record she is registered as his sister but this is to hide her true identity.

  • Akatsuki

    Your missing 8 and 11

    • Tabris

      Sorry, Akatsuki, but you were just not so great in these episodes ⊙△⊙