Oda Nobuna no Yabou – 12

So it’s time to sum up the Summer 2012. The first season of exciting anime series Oda Nobuna no Yabou has ended and I can say now that the show is one of the most pleasant surprises this summer. Many people were waiting for “kindergarten” in Sengoku Otome style, but these expectations haven’t been met:

We got a great show, where everything was perfect, from graphics and story to seiyuu and fanservice.

In my humble opinion, the heroines of the series have become the best alternative embodiment of historical characters from Sengoku period.

I can say with a probability of 99.9% that we will see a second season and maybe very soon. So, this means we don’t have to say goodbye to the show.

  • Luigi

    Yeah, with that ending i’m calling a season 2, and i’m really glad cause I love this show. Sure, every episode may not have been 10/10, but EVERY episode was packed with content, there was no down time. I liked the plot, the MC was actually competent and not a total pussy, and the majority of the girls and characters I liked (Goemon’s bros were awesome). Now that all the characters have been fleshed out, they can get into heavier action/drama stuff. Can’t wait to see this story continue, Support the Official Release