Queen’s Blade ~Rebellion~ BD ED

It’s a selection of screenshots from the fantastic ending created specially for the last volume of Queen’s Blade ~Rebellion~ BD. This post is only for over 18 year-olds only!

  • shadow_peck3

    stripers rebellion !! more tits and ass for a great anime with great heroines of the stripers ( fap fap fap )

  • madt

    Perhaps this is an advance of Vanquished Queens XD who knows, by the way, is there a release date for these OVA´s?

    It’s amazing how much Sugoi Blog has grown up, I was the 100th like in Facebook, now it’s about 300% above. Congratulations Tabris my friend, you totally deserve it because of your hard work.

    Saludos de tu amigo Mexicano. =D

    • Tabris

      Hey, madt! As far as I know they haven’t announced a release date for Vanquished Queens yet.

      And thank you for your inspirational words and for your support, I really appreciate it! I’m very glad to have a friend like you ^^

      • madt

        Same feeling buddy. Saludos!

  • FailDRE86