• Mr Dr X

    Best Ecchi show of the year !

    • Templa

      Bluray to Darkness coming on 21.12.2012. A clear sign that the world will not end! ;D

      • Exactly! V(^_^)

        • darkrobothakaider

          Sugoi desu~

  • zerathul23

    Omg!! simply amazing.

  • Mike185

    Anyone know where I could download this from?

    • Jingoi

      use firefox, get fast video download firefox add on, find a TLR darkness ova 2 video, play it, click the FVD tab, select mp4 or flv, dl’d.

  • Jingoi

    Again no nude Mikan and the sight of loli-Yui’s bare tits is gone. So should I expect the same censors in the BDs?