To Love-Ru Darkness Manga: Crossed Borderline(?)


To Love-Ru Darkness manga has become too ecchi. So much so I have to publish its pages with censorship (18+):



Well, is the border crossed? Or not yet?

  • FailDRE86

    Sigh* I can’t believe anything is still expected of this derp

  • Anonymous

    Not yet… Calm down and repost this Uncensored

  • Anon_

    do they fuck? lick and show their organs? if not, than didnt cross the line, yet! lol

  • I’ve only seen scans of the manga before on Sankaku just to see how “far” it goes, but I never cared to check out the actual manga (or anime). This still doesn’t break the borderline though.. I guess in order to do that they’d have to show crotch or even have an actual sex scene. This follows the same trend that the manga has always had – showing as close to “full frontal” as they can get with conveniently placed objects.

    • Brandan Campbell

      agreed, this doesnt look anything out of the norm for this manga

  • BDM

    I hope this is made into the anime. ^^

  • Peeping Tom

    At first this looked like nothing out of the ordinary for this series. However, upon closer inspection (and I mean really close) you can see a little extra in the actual ‘tap’ (faucet) part of the picture.