Senran Kagura – 05


The fifth Senran Kagura episode pleased us with not only a little bit of action but with the scenes that have the potential to be “extended” for BD:








Her skirt is clearly not subject to the laws of physics











  • boobs without nipples is like candy without sugar, it aint sweet..

    • Mystery

      That so true

    • TheCloud Higher

      Totally agree…

    • Zhizn Snake

      They’re there, they’re just being extremely conveniently censored >.<

  • FailDRE86

    Wait for the Blu-rays then you can whine.

    • Zhizn Snake

      This is one anime where I doubt the BD will change much, but I’m still hoping, and some of these screens just seem to be screaming ‘buy the BD!’ but I still don’t have complete hope…

  • Freebies

    I’ve dropped this for that very same reason T1A, the show has lots of boobs, but if I wanted just clothed boobs I’d re-watch some other series, I find this whole general series rather boring. Shows like Boku wa Tomodachi and Maoyuu Maou may have just as much as this, but the general plot being humor/action keeps the show entertaining, this to me is a lame tease ninja version of Maken-Ki. Sorry to rant, but gotta let it go somewhere lol =P

  • Zhizn Snake

    I just like how this shpw is as ecchi as it is despite being based on a game for a Nintendo console.. that adds to the ecchi factor for me. I guess I just have a taste for all types of ecchi. I do wish that both the game and this anime could show hard nips at least, though. But since I knew it was based off of a non-PC video game, I knew this show would never show nipples, just lots of delicious oppai cleavage and jiggling, just like in the game…. but if this anime does somehow show nipples at some point (maybe in a BD release), maybe the way that Horizon finally did, then the ecchi factor would be at one of the highest levels for me XD

    The creator of Senran Kagura needs to level up his balls some more and realize that the Fatal Fury and Street Fighter anime showed nudity of their video game characters, so why not Senran Kagura? I guess it’s just the way the times are now… In fact, he should try to push for actually showing that Japan can release a console game with nudity in it just as freely as Western developers can. Fight the CERO or something!