Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo PV

Enjoy the first full-length promo video for Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo TV anime series based on the same name super-popular manga.

  • Luigi

    When are we gonna see something like a full blown anime western? I mean over here we’ve got an interesting take on Samurais with Samurai Jack. I’d love to see the japanese equivalent with a crazy take on some kindov cowboys and indians story.

    • FailDRE86

      So you’re saying that Trigun isn’t a western?

      • Luigi

        Well its got elements yeah, but Vash is an alien, what i’m talking about is like an actual western setting in like the 1800s, but with crazy characters, or some kind of deep emotional story… I guess something like “Magnificent 7” the anime.

        • FailDRE86

          Your reply just takes all merit away from your first comment

        • Zhizn Snake

          Well, it would be interesting for Japan to come out with a realistic anime western, but they rarely make any anime that realistic even when it has to do with Japanese history.

  • mechazawa

    Wow, looks like this anime has got it all! Especially liking the lady in pink :3