New Maken-Ki! OVA Announced


Here is another good news for all oppai fans! Today it was announced that a new Maken-Ki! OVA episode will be released on BD with the limited edition of the 11th volume of the manga. Hiraku Kaneko (Manyuu Hikenchou, Kagaku na Yatsura, Seikon no Qwaser) will be the director for the episode. The bundle will go on sale in September of this year.

  • Yarp

    I heard that this is just an HD version of the last OVA. Is that true?

    • Nope. This will be a brand new glorious episode with Hiraku Kaneko in the director’s chair ^^

  • Mr_Ecchi

    New Director: Hiraku Kaneko

    New Studio: Xebec

    Looks like it’s new and be will epic :)

  • Genki

    ah great! any news on when the “2nd season” will be airing?

    • If there will be any news about the second season, you’ll see a brand new glorious post about it with Tabris in the author’s chair (≧∇≦)/

  • mechazawa

    Wow, more Hiraku Kaneko goodness already? This and the forthcoming 2nd season…. <3 I just hope Aki is in this OVA :3

  • Nooper Jones

    kaneko san BANZAAAAAAIII!!!!

    • Nooper Jones

      I just wanna say seikon/manyuu/kagaku style art is a perfect fit for Maken-ki. the original manga is made by takeda hiromitsu, and his art (h-manga) is full of detailed oppai action. that’s why the Maken-ki anime was so disappointing to me. it just didn’t live up to takeda hiromitsu’s art.

  • darkrobothakaider


  • riii

    now if MC’s love interest can refrain from attacking him then this might be ok

  • Luigi

    I think everyone’s forgeting it’s gotta be Kaneko AND Hoods entertainent to be true greatness. You can’t watch stuff like Kagaku na Yatsura and Manyuu Hikenchou with detailed nipples and fluid animation and then go back to Maken-ki, lets be honest I think eveyone would rather go for a second season of Manyuu.

    • mechazawa

      You’re right, but I still like Maken-ki as well for its own reasons. For
      example, it’s not that there’s someone better than Aki in Manyuu or
      not, but Aki is just such a hot character on her own merits (probably
      the best sexy school nurse ever), Even if better ecchi anime comes out,
      the old stuff doesn’t suck, I’m actually still quite nostalgic for 90s
      ecchi XD

      plus, here is a better example for Aki’s nips X3 (still
      doesn’t compete with Manyuu though, obviously) –

      And I’m only
      going off memory here, but I think Maken-ki had more camel toe XD I just
      think the more ecchi (and more variety of ecchi) the better…

    • nooper

      holy shit this is so fucking on-point. that image sums up everything I currently feel about ecchi animes.

  • mechazawa

    Unfortunate, but certainly understandable XD

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