Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queens OVA PV

Enjoy a gorgeous trailer for the highly anticipated OVA Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queens, which release is scheduled for March 29.

  • shadow

    humm the over powered of
    Hagure Yuusha no Estetica can defeat easy the stripers in a minute

    1 ova to the tribute of the ass and tits

  • mechazawa

    I’m always looking forward to more queen’s blade, but I’m actually surprised that they decided to take Vanquished Queen’s and make it animated. For anyone that doesn’t know, Vanquished Queen’s is a non-canonical version of the QB story where there a story/ending for each character that shows them as harshly defeated, accompanied with a picture showing them in a state of undress depending on how they were defeated.

    Not every QB fan is a fan of VQ, and my personal reason for that is that while I love seeing these ladies show more skin, torn clothes and all, I also like to see that happen due to battling (like in the original game books) or other reasons (hot springs, lol), not from being tied up and defeated. For a long time, QB was my favorite ecchi series due to its actual plot and awesome characterizations, but I admit that it stopped being my favorite once I realized that I prefer ecchi with more lighthearted and comedic stories, where the ecchi is accompanied with the character teasing the MC, like in Kanokon or Ladies X Butlers. Not to mention, once you see Hiraku Kaneko’s ecchi anime (from Hoods), it’s hard to find something in QB that tops it XD

    But I still do love QB too, and I’m mostly excited for more VQ because I’m hoping to eventually see more Cattleya :3 Maybe even Shizuka could make another appearance..?

  • madt

    Sweet ^.^ it’s about time!

    After watching this PV & that cover, I wonder if the whole OVA is going to be about these 3 QB Girls [Tomoe, Branwen & Nowa] fact that I don’t mind at all if we are going to see this graphics quality.

    Besides I don’t know if they are related to the events described in QB VQ events, I’d like these OVA’s to have more than two episodes [Let me dream about it] XD.

    Saludos a todos.

  • Zhizn Snake

    Hey, Tabris, no mention of Kenichi’s 3rd OVA yet? It’s got some nice ecchi!