Senran Kagura – 09


Perhaps you will laugh but Senran Kagura really belongs to the extremely rare type of fanservice shows that, except for T&A of its main heroines, have a plot, good dynamics and well developed characters. And in addition, the series also have a very good graphics:

















  • Agreed, Tabris.

    But personally, I’ve always felt that most people don’t give a lot of ecchi anime out there enough credit… they’re not Eva or GitS level of plot, but they aren’t exactly plotless either.

    • Most people don’t realize that there are not so many series even among non-ecchi shows which are Eva or GitS level of plot ~_^

  • You should make a toplist of these such anime. I’d be interested in seeing what all here is worth actually watching through and not just ogling.

    • It’s a good idea, Justin. I think I’ll do it one fine day ^^

  • tony

    i personally think ghost in the shell sucks in all it’s iterations, but i hate mecha in general. seikon no qwaser while people watch it for the boobs made me think far more then any normal anime, they had metal elements as powers and were realistic in what could beat what and the main guy used his brain to win the fights. i have never seen an anime where the main people do anything but use “the power or friendship” to miraculously win fights it was cool to see that for once.
    i love senran kagura cause i have a HUGE ANIME CRUSH on Hibari
    but i didn’t even notice the show has a plot because i’m either thinking HIBARI IS THE SIT or MAN WHY IS HIBARI NOT ON THE SCREEN lol.
    now i will watch it over and play attention, thanks for pointing it out that it has a plot

    • Zhizn Snake

      I agree with you besides what you said about GItS, but I can’t really take your opinion on that seriously anyways because you seem to look at it with extreme bias anyways and it’s not even a mecha series to begin with, lol.

      • tony

        from what i saw, it’s mecha there are robots shooting people and people shooting robots and talking robots just so many robots. i have deep hatred for robots, i even gave gits a chance cause it was always on tv. anyway is this not the coolest site ever?

        • Zhizn Snake

          To get an idea of what “mecha” is, just search “mecha” on google images. There’s hardly anything like that in GitS. Where something like “Gundam” is always refered to as mecha, GitS is referred to as cyberpunk, not mecha. Robots or cyborgs don’t automatically make it enter the mecha genre territory.

          But yeah, this site is great. :)

          • tony

            ok, thanks for telling me… now i have more than just mecha as an anime genre to not like lol.

          • Zhizn Snake

            i guess maybe you just don’t like anything futuristic in general for some reason?

          • tony

            probably, i do hate everything like star trek and all that except mass effect and that 1 good star wars – episode 3.
            i got weird tastes i hate lord of the rings and similar things but love xena and game of thrones lol it’s almost the same thing.