DominancE Eroge by Empress


I am sure that all true connoisseurs of eroge already is in anticipation, but it will not be superfluous to remind about it. Empress, the creator of such cult games as Cleavage and Starless, has scheduled the release of its new eroge called DominancE on May 31:


The main difference between DominancE and Empress’ previous visual novels is that DominancE’s action will unfold in space, in the appropriate entourage including alien heroines.

  • Yarp

    Sei Shoujo is a god amongst men.

    • mechazawa

      I love his character designs, although there are others I’d call a god before him (Oda Non, Mogudan, Hiraku Kaneko, etc).

      Empress’s work is great, I always love the look of all the women in their games, but I only really loved the style of Cleavage and wasn’t too interested in Starless or Lewdness (some of it seemed a little extreme for my tastes, lol).