Photo Kano – 05


The series, which began just as a set of well made fanservice scenes, by the fifth episode has turned into a great romantic story:


And the most important is that the main characters’ actions look very real. Strong but not exaggerated emotions and non-cliche behavior of the protagonist make us empathize with them, and I can say that it’s very rare for the modern anime series.




So, what do you think about Photo Kano?

  • Mr. Dr. X

    Photo Kano is good, but I expected more.

  • It’s terrible.

  • Arekusu

    I’m actually a bit confused, I’m more than content with the MC ending up with his childhood friend, despite the millions of times i’ve seen things end that way. But, Why did Episode 7 revolve around that other girl?

    I get the feeling that the anime’s next few episodes are going to just focus on “What If” he ended up with the other characters. ._.”

    • ktw

      This is an animal based on a dating sim game, is normal for the story to be like that.