A bit of history: Golden Boy


Year 1995. A six episode OVA series, which subsequently became a classic of its genre (ecchi comedy) and anime in general, comes out on videotapes and then on laser discs. The OVA’s title is Golden Boy. Based on the same name manga by Tatsuya Egawa, OVA tells the story of a 25-year-old “travelling student” named Kintaro Oe whose main hobbies are learning and beautiful girls:


In order to get a “real” education our hero left Tokyo University without graduating and goes on a journey around the country, meeting one challenge after another. And if in the first episode Kintaro works in the IT-office (with a lot of beautiful girls, by the way) in the last episode he’s already working on the creation of an anime movie.


The series is notable for the fact that Kintaro is the only main character who appears in every episode. The rest of the characters, or rather heroines, play the episode-based roles and just help our hero to learn.




Golden Boy is a really exciting series. This is a funny story which have a great protagonist, a lot of beautiful girls, fanservice, ecchi, and much more. If you haven’t seen these wonderful six episodes yet, I recommend you to watch them asap. Otherwise you have a good reason to just watch it once again.

  • chaos

    man those were the days …

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    This is a legendary anime


    The best student from the University of the Live.

    El mejor estudiante de la Universidad de la Vida.

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    My hero.

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    I think I only saw 2 or 3 episodes