Super Sonico The Animation Announced


One of the most popular mascots of our time, Super Sonico, gets her own TV show after all! There’s no detailed information about the project yet, but an official website of the Super Sonico The Animation series is already running.

  • ibster

    i guessing the “plot” is going to be the main focus of this anime

  • tony

    the only way this can disappoint is if it’s non-ecchi

    • gulabjamuns

      I’m guessing it’ll be to the extent of ecchi anime like Senran Kagura… hopefully even up to that level. I don’t expect even the slightest amount of nipple, unfortunately.. hopefully pokies? lol

      • tony

        it will disappoint if so, this has to be like kagaku na yatsura or seikon no qwaser/manyuu. if the sole purpose of the anime isn’t ecchi and good ecchi even i, sonico’s biggest fanboy will not watch more than 1 episode. she’s only popular for her TnA
        so it’s hat the show should be about

        • nooper

          seriously! hirako kaneko is the only director/producer that understands this.

  • gulabjamuns

    Oh glorious day! *.*/

  • prog

    theres already 2 obvious plot devices

  • darkrobothakaider

    Sonico-chan! I’m so happy!

  • AoiRay

    okay! dekai oppai! *3*

  • Anonimous

    I hope there are more “clamshell” that the Oppai, too much sex or nudity