First glance: Golden Time


If the last season’s story about a provincial guy who came to Tokyo was a school drama, then this season’s story is a university comedy. Romantic comedy, of course:


So, our hero named Banri Tada comes to the capital to start his first year in a private law school. Of course, everything starts to go wrong from the very first minutes. Banri’s late for the entrance ceremony and lost in the back streets of a big city. But every cloud has a silver lining – Banri meets Mitsuo, another lost freshman from the same school.


Suddenly, near the school Banri finds himself at the center of “lover’s quarrel” when Kouko, a young beauty obsessed with Mitsuo, appears out of nowhere and beats up her betrothed with a huge bouquet of roses.






Well and then Banri’s full immersion in the university life begins. And it’s so great that you will have a big smile every minute while watching the episode. And you will realize that the title “Golden Time” fits the story perfectly. And I believe every one of you who has ever felt in your life what Banri felt in front of his alma mater will fall in love with this show for sure.



It’s really funny and cute romantic comedy mainly for those over twenty. And to be honest, I was very, very happy when I found out that the “Golden Time” will be with us as much as 24 episodes. After all, that means that we will have the six months of the genuine joy, even if only it’s just for twenty minutes a week.

  • FailDRE86

    Will this be the next Toradora who knows?

    • speaking about toradora, i don´t really like that much, i don´t know why the people loved it….. but hey i hope this would turn out a lot better….