Maken-Ki! 2 Series Broadcast


Maken-Ki! 2 official website has been updated with the information about the date of the first episode broadcast. The premiere will take place on January 15th on Tokyo MX channel, which will be the main place of residence of the Maken-Ki! heroines for the upcoming season. A day later AT-X channel will pick up the baton, but there is almost no hope for uncensored broadcast.

  • DEAN213

    Ahh fooey!

  • chaos

    i hope we don’t have to wait for the BDs …

  • Solo

    No point in watching anymore if it’s going to be censored. >_> Welp.. guess I’ll be waiting for the BDs.

  • gulabjamuns

    I’m still excited, but I’m part of the minority of guys that likes to be teased… give me a peak and make me salivate for more! XD

    • Luigi

      Well here’s to hoping AT-X will have uncensored… If I remember correctly, Manyuu was first broadcast censored…then it was broadcast like, 2 more times, each with less and less censored content about a day later. Here’s to hoping, cause I am not a man who likes to be teased, at least not when the wait for the payoff will be months, Kagaku na yatsura was painful to wait for….

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  • joy ohakno

    im waiting for pisode 13. i have been looking for it over the past few days and i just cant find itand im not sure if it hasnt been aired yet or its just not avilable in my country(israe)