Japanese Festival Hooligans


Anime festivals usually are very fun events especially in Japan. But some otaku sometimes go too far, doing the discreditable photos of cosplay girls from low angles:



But quite often it ends in tears for them:


  • lol, I’ve seen pics of events like this before so I thought the under-skirt shots were something that had just become expected… now I’m thinking the whole this is set up by the Japanese police from the beginning! XD

    also, lol @ the surgical masks… he likely knew that the cosplayer won’t be the only one getting pictures taken ;P

  • Ryumoau

    wow i never knew people would just outright look under people’s skirts in public like that. lol

  • a-hole

    I support these pervs, the only issue I have with this is that real life upskirt shots aren’t as hot as in anime/manga/hentai.