Ai Shinozaki gallery – 06


Let’s add some fun to our everyday anime life and enjoy a small photo gallery from the Young Champion magazine featuring our favorite bikini model Shinozaki Ai:







  • Kon

    this is definitely Japanese Material!!! *Talk Dirty To Me*

    • iamnotworthy

      Ok u suck and are annoying u dirty bastard lol

      • Kon

        YES!!, TALK MORE TO ME BABY< JUST LET IT OUT ON ME BABY OHHHH *Michael Jackson Moon Walk*

        • Niknique

          Lolz!! :D

        • Serlock to home


          You Wanna Dance Or Talk Dirty..??

          • Kon

            how about both, you will Talk dirty to me while I put on the Talk Dirty to me music and Do the Moon walk with some extra guests. Jake and Sam It will be perfect I tell you

          • Serlock to home

            Hemm How about we do moon walk and listen Dirty music and some more extra guests

          • Truth

            but those extra guests are lolicons..what are we gonna do mario?

  • Emilio Delgado

    I never know her name, now I can find her on google.

  • yahoowoo

    you have good taste Mr. Sugoiblog