First Glance: Akame ga Kill!


I believe that many of you are already familiar with Akame ga Kill! setting, thanks, in particular, to the popularity of the manga by the same name. Young but experienced fighter Tatsumi arrives to the Capital city to earn money to assist his poor village. On his way Tatsumi learns that the Capital isn’t really a good place. It’s full of lawlessness and corruption:



In the first few hours spent in the Capital, our hero feels that the rumors about the city are true. After an unsuccessful attempt to enlist in the Imperial army, Tatsumi was tricked by blonde girl with big boobs, who has disappeared in the midst of the day with all his money.


After that a cute aristocratic girl picks him up on the street and it seems that Tatsumi’s finally lucky.



But in the middle of the night the house of people who’ve sheltered him turns into a bloodbath!




Tatsumi tries to protect his new acquaintances from the group of assassins, but…


…suddenly he discovers that these “good Samaritans” actually have kidnapped some villagers and torture them for fun.



And when Tatsumi realizes that his friends, with whom he went to the Capital, were among the victims of this terrible family, he puts an end to this horrible story with his sword without any doubt.


Immediately thereafter, Tatsumi finds himself in the Night Raid assassins group, which brutally kills lawbreakers. Also he finds there the big busted girl who took his money earlier. Thus begins the adventures of our hero in the Capital.


The series is good in almost everything: graphics, thrilling action, harsh story, a variety of characters for all tastes. There is only one “but” – it’s the age of the protagonists. The show’s plot, with plenty of violence and gore, is obviously intended for 17+ viewers. However, many of the characters look clearly younger. Personally, I would prefer that members of Night Raid was eighteen or older. I just want to have a break from the millions of protagonists in their mid-teen. And Akame ga Kill! could be the ideal choice for such a break. But…

For the rest, it is certainly a contender for the title of best fantasy action show of this season. I can recommend it to anyone who likes swordplay, violent scenes and some dramatic plot twists. Although, it should be noted that there is a significant portion of comedy also.

  • Kon

    yea I know it’s really kicking it right now

  • fighting_otaku

    was awesome, im actually happy by how they handled the gore to cause there is alot of it to come and so looking forward to some of the later fights!

  • deathnoa x

    This anime is awesome! And the graphics is even better than the manga.
    Can’t wait for episode 2 XD