First Glance: Tokyo ESP


For those who (like me, though) have not read the manga of the same name, it will probably be difficult to understand from the first episode what’s going on and who all these people are. By itself the story is relatively simple – there is a set of characters with a variety of paranormal abilities. And, as always, some of them use these abilities to meet their own ambitions, while others are trying to prevent them from doing evil:




But apart from the intricacies of the plot, Tokyo ESP has a lot of stuff that is worth paying attention. First, it’s the atmosphere of the episode. It’s just gorgeous.


Secondly, it’s a great background music. Dynamic scenes with espers fights become even more spectacular thanks to this.



Third, it’s beautiful character design. Really.





I think the next episode will not be too similar to the first. So I’m not going to talk about the plot right now. But I can say that this show is one of the most promising series of the season. And I believe it will not disappoint you, whether you’re fan of the manga or the one who has never read it.

  • Kon

    seems interesting, I might give it a shot

  • N

    I’ve read the manga, they’ve started from way into the plot, the next couple of episodes will probably explain everything