First Glance: Tokyo Ghoul


Beginning of Tokyo Ghoul first episode makes you tremble with excitement. You think, “What a good atmospheric horror!” Indeed, dark alleys of the megalopolis, mysterious “ghouls” who terrorize millions of people, glowing red eyes in the darkness of the night…



Further everything is pretty nice too. Abrupt transition from the creepy night creatures to the usual chatter of schoolboys in the light-filled cafe not only relaxes you, but makes you expect something even more exciting. Maybe it’s just a “Blood-C effect”, the show was really good in contrasting scenes.


And so, here’s our hero, who met a pretty girl (unusually fast and easy). He enjoys his first date with her. And then…



And then it turns out that his new girlfriend is a ghoul. And that cute waitress from the cafe is also a ghoul. And a friend of his friend is a ghoul too. And some guy in the street is also a ghoul. And even our protagonist is a ghoul, but, however, only half-ghoul. In general, they all are classmates ghouls.




And what should we do about it?



I honestly will try to watch the next two episodes, but I don’t expect too much from the show now. I can safely recommend Tokyo Ghoul only to big fans of ghouls. However, I will be happy to hear your impressions of the episode in the comments below.

  • buuhhu

    I really liked it, don’t give up, it seems it’s gonna be very good… :)

  • Kon

    it was freaking scary, it woulda been fun to watch. if it didn’t had the psychology genre in it

  • chaos

    i like this type of animes

    would like to see more awesome action scenes , like the graphic and camera << these are an impotent factors to me

  • Kiriha

    This show is awesome…