Sugoi Blog’s Birthday: Five Years!


It’s been five years now since I started the blog. Five! I still can’t believe it, guys. But here we are. Almost three thousands of posts and a lot more of your comments. Thank you for your support all these years! I hope you enjoy to be here just like I do. And I’m looking forward to read your comments and greetings ~_^ Cheers!

  • Mysticpain7

    Yo Tabris, i’ve been here for a little over 4 years now and i still find this blog really entertaining and interesting still after all these years. i’ve donated before in the past too! Here’s to another 5 years!!!! Keep up the amazing work man! Cheers!

    • Hey! I’m really happy that you’ve been here for almost all these 5 years v(^__^) And thanks a lot for your support!

  • YourBoy Ken

    Congrats on making five years! Big fan of your site! Keep up the great work!