High School DxD New Season Announced!


Today it was announced that one of our favorite series, High School DxD, gets another season:


Details were not disclosed, we will follow the news.

  • Mmmm, honestly… I don’t get excited… Since second seasson, the ecchi in this anime gets annoying and excesive.

    • Kind of agree, but I hope they’ll fix it in the new season.

  • FailDRE86

    Season 2 killed it for me I haven’t had the motivation to watch Born

  • Pace

    Can’t wait! :D epicness

  • Pace

    Epicness comes back! :D

  • Pace

    Epicness comes back! :)

  • O.H. X-1990

    Nope, nope, not interested, nope!

  • TheCurzonian

    I love the girls in DxD, but i wish Ise utilized them a bit more. He should watch Shinmai maou no testament, Basara could give him a few pointers.