Akiba’s Trip The Animation – 01

Akiba's Trip The Animation - 01

If you are familiar with Akiba’s Trip games then you should have some idea what this anime is about. If you are not, it’s quite easy to explain:

Mysterious creatures have attacked Akihabara or more precisely otakus visiting the area. These creatures feed on people’s social energy and will to live, and they can only be stopped by direct exposure to sunlight.

To do that, as you can guess, you need to rip the clothes off your opponent in the vigorous fight and the enemy will simply dissolve in the air.

Walking through Akiba and trying to find a rare figure of his favorite character, our hero (who is a hardcore otaku by the way) Tamotsu has found himself in the center of a battle between a mysterious pink-haired girl and no less mysterious creatures.

Defending the beauty Tamotsu got a fatal blow, but …

…awakened from a kiss, he was not only completely restored, but became a true master of martial arts and immediately began to fight with the enemy.

I should say that contrary to the expectations of many the anime turned out to be very fun, lively and energetic with good quality (at least so far) animation. There are a lot of decent humor, great fights, and exciting characters. If you like crazy action shows this title is definitely for you.