First Episode Review: Masamune-kun no Revenge

First Episode Review: Masamune-kun no Revenge

Given the popularity of the source and the vast number of channels that have invested money in the project, this anime had to be at least good:

But it turned out to be better than just good. A story of a fat boy who is slim, handsome and an excellent student now would be very interesting per se. But the plot here had gone deeper.

Our hero Masamune has lost his weight not only to be popular. His plan is much more cunning. He wants to find a girl who turned him off while he was fat, make her fall in love with him and then break her heart in the most humiliating way.

And then it turns out that this girl is studying in Masamune’s new school! But the worst thing is that she has become unapproachable beauty and she humiliate any guy dared to confess to her.

But Masamune isn’t so simple also and his fight for the heart of beautiful Aki has already begun.

To say that I was pleasantly surprised by the show is just like say nothing. The first episode has put it on a par with Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai and if all goes as it should Masamune-kun no Revenge will join the golden collection of the genre. By the way, the protagonist here is totally different from his counterparts from the most other school romcoms what makes this anime especially valuable. Also the show’s amazing art, plenty of beauty female characters who have yet to play their roles, hilarious jokes and charisma of the protagonist – that is only a part of why you shouldn’t miss the series.

Summary :

It's just a must-watch title for all school romcom lovers.



Character Design





  • Anontastic

    I feel like I’m raining on your parade when I say that the story goes nowhere and the fanservice goes completely out of focus very quickly into the series. I keep up with the manga, and at this point, I’m only reading it for the artwork.

    • I have read only the first volume of the manga, but I’ve seen a lot of criticism regarding the latest chapters in the net. I hope they will not follow the source word for word and will make their own continuation, or even ending. However, that was a review of the anime’s first episode only, regardless of what happens in the manga ^^

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