First Episode Review: Schoolgirl Strikers ~Animation Channel~

First Episode Review: Schoolgirl Strikers ~Animation Channel~

We’ve already seen a lot of TV shows about schoolgirls fighting against evil in all its manifestations. Whether it’s some demons, bad aliens or, as in Schoolgirl Strikers ~Animation Channel~, mysterious beings from a parallel universe. Can J.C.Staff studio surprise us this time?

Yes, they can, albeit a little bit. In particular, I was surprised that the first episode of the show consists of two almost independent parts.

In one of the parts we see an ordinary school slice-of-life where kawaii girl just do kawaii things and it’s quite enough for fans of the genre.

But in another part the same girls already fight with a huge monster in a parallel world. It’s no surprise by itself, but it looks pretty interesting in that mix.

After the first episode I should say that I really look forward for the second one. Excellent artwork, good voice actors and an interesting mix of genres allow us to count on one more decent TV series this season.

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