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Campione! – 12

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I guess the show has not so much of distinguishing features but one thing is certain – the number of kisses in it is far superior to any other TV series. And it’s not just about the shows of current season, Campione! can outdo most of non-hetai anime as a whole:

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Campione – 08

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Campione! beach episode turned out to be heavily censored on Japanese TV channels. This was expected but still a little sad – such shots do not deserve to be ruined:

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Campione! – 05

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I don’t know why, but in most cases my favorite character is someone like Maria Yuri. That’s usually a modest classmate or a childhood friend, who’s in love with a protagonist, but, unlike a main female character, those characters tend to keep their distance from a hero. And it’s not that difficult to guess why I was ecstatic from this episode. Just because there was a lot of Yuri:

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Campione! – 02

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As I said earlier, I really like the dynamics of events in this series. And also I like the fact that the scene of action was moved to Japan, even for a half of the episode. Because two shows in one season, where everything takes place in Italy, it’s too much I think. And I don’t remember if I mentioned it already, but Campione! has quite a good fanservice and also a harem is expected to arrive soon:

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First glance: Campione!

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Godou Kusanagi, a 16-year-old boy who came to Italy at the request of his grandfather. All he had to do is to return a stone tablet to grandfather’s old friend, Lucretia, who lives in Sardinia. But, of course, immediately on arrival our hero finds himself in a whirlpool of events, which drags him into the world of the ancient gods and a mysterious chivalry organisations:

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Girlish Number Anime Trailer

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Here’s a promo video of the fall anime series Girlish Number by Diomedéa Studio (former Studio Barcelona; produced anime: Campione!, Kodomo no Jikan, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Mayoiga and many more). The show is based on the serial novel of the same name, and the script is written by the author of the original work, Wataru Watari.