Hello! I am the Russian otaku and this is my first experience in blogging in English. So, I want to ask you to be nice with me and with each other, to come and see my blog frequently and correct me when I am writing with mistakes ^_^ I hope we’ll have some fun!

  • omiwz

    i like this blog lol
    i mean the anime vs manga/vn
    thing is so enjoyable ;D

    • Tabris

      Thank you for kind words! I do and will do my best for the readers ^^

  • Seen your blog linked attached to anime pv for Fall 2011. Be looking forward to visiting your site more in the future. Planning on doing any coverage for Fall 2011?

    • Tabris

      Thank you for visiting us! ^^

      Yes, I am planning to cover some fall anime, but still can not say exactly titles and amount. Surely there will be Maken-ki, Mirai Nikki, MajiKoi and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The fall season will be very interesting and maybe I’ll add two or three more titles to list.

      And of course I’ll try to review most of the pilot episodes in my “first glance” rubric.

      • Cool! I’ll be sure to visit then.
        Btw: Care to do a link exchange? Not sure if you do that or not…

      • Tabris

        Sure, I’ll gladly do the link exchange with you. I’ll place the link in the appropriate section right now, so you can do the same on your blog.

      • Thanks and added you to mine as well. Looking forward to keeping up with your site ^^

  • Tabris

    Hey, guys! What can you say about redesign of my blog? Do you like it?

    • Sonic

      Hey, Tabris! I think this design is much better than previous one!

    • I agree with Sonic. Much better than the last one. Nice at drawing your attention in.

    • Tabris

      Thank you, guys! This is my first experience in the wordpress themes design and I’m glad you liked it ^^

      • How exactly did you make this theme design? You made me really curious!

        • Tabris

          Hey, Robert! I have read many articles about WordPress themes design, chose the main colors for my theme and just made ​​it with css and html. I don’t think I can explain it in more detail ^_^

  • Seeth

    Hi Tabris. I like your Blog a lot. It’s updated and the site looks very nice.
    Keep it up! Best regards,


    • Tabris

      Hey, Seeth!
      Thank you for your kind words!
      I’m always glad to see you here.

  • Gil

    was wondering how you scan the posters since i bought a few megami magazines but the poster is too large for that…

    • Tabris

      Hey, Gil!
      I didn’t do this myself. But usually they scan a poster by parts and then combined it in Photoshop.

  • Merushi

    First of all I’d like to tell you that you’re doing a good job.
    I recently stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for information.
    I don’t know if you know the site MyAnimeList.net?
    I created a club in there which lists all the anime who are censored, and therefor you might want to wait for the uncensored BD’s. (this is the club: http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=28407)
    Your site is very helpfull for me to know which anime are censored and wich are decensored in the BD’s. Since I can’t possibly watch them all myself.
    So again, thank you for the info, and keep up the good work ^^

    • Tabris

      Hey, Merushi!
      Sorry, I didn’t notice your comment sooner. Thank you, I’m really glad my blog helps other anime fans to keep up with the seasons. You are doing a good job at your mal group too, maybe later I’ll join it.
      And I’m always happy to see you here!

  • Jo.

    hey , loving the blog :), especially new shows reviews , keep up the good work :D .

    • Tabris

      Hey, Jo! Thank you! I’m very glad you like my reviews. Hope to see you often in a comments ^__^

  • zeonozero

    Hey man, ive been at your blog for little over a month now, and i gotta say i love it. It is so hard to find an ecchi blog like this, and its awesome how you get news and other info besides just giving us a look at the series of the season
    Keep it up, cause i drop by everyday :)

    • Tabris

      Hey, zeonozero! Thank you for this encouraging and inspiring words! It’s really important to me. And make yourself at home here V(^_^)

  • Hello!
    I’m visit your blog everyday and i always see what is Good to me like:(BD news , and the updated EP’s…ETC) .

    this blog making me Happy for some Reason.
    Keep Going and Good Luck~ (you must know that when you need help just say it).

    • Tabris

      Hey! I’m really-really glad that my blog is making your happy ^_^ And I appreciate what you have said about help so much! It’s very nice and inspiring. I’m always happy to see you and your comments at the blog. Thank you!

      • there seems to be some code showing on some comments,

  • zeonozero

    So i think now ive been at your blog looking at stuff for 5-6 months
    I can now say you have one of the best ecchi blogs out
    The only other blog i visit is Aisle-H, and he takes a while to post things
    Everything else is either too hard to navigate or boring
    You have new stuff every day or atleast every 2 days
    Like i said before, keep up the good work, and i hope the site does not die for a long time

    • Tabris

      Thanks again, my friend! I’m really glad that you find my blog interesting enough and visit it regularly. I’ll do my best to work on the blog as long as possible because I love anime, my blog and, of course, my readers ^_^

  • zeonozero

    what program/software/website/anything do you use to maintain and update your blog?

    • Tabris

      I am not really sure what to say, but the blog is based on WordPress engine and I haven’t any special software for its updating. I’m just blogging in old-fashioned style, using my PC ^^

      • zeonozero

        saying you use wordpress was all i needed to hear, thanks alot :) just wanted to give options in case you used something else i didnt know about

  • Can I recommend something? One thing that always bothered me about your website was the lack of highslide. Highslide is what makes images on websites to popup without loading a new page. It is kind of a simple feature, but it makes the world of difference when it comes to ease of browsing. Here is a good plugin you can install, that will automatically do it for you.


    It is on Mediafire because the plugin got removed on WordPress due to various changes in their licencing. It is the same plugin we use at Anivision. If you want to find your own plugin, you will have to search for “Lightbox” on the WordPress website.

    • Tabris

      Hey, steev!
      Many thanks for your suggestion!
      I was thinking about such plugin a long time already, but now, after your comment, I have decided to install it. I chose Fancybox for WP, but later I’ll try your plugin for sure and maybe I’ll change it after that.

      • Wow, this is a nice plugin. I might switch, LOL. It is so much easier browsing your posts now that the images have lightbox. Thanks for installing one!

  • psionix

    just curious why when I view this blog using the app Flipboard, it doesn’t show the whole post and there are no pictures as well. Just a short summary? This didn’t happen on other blogs…

    • Tabris

      Not really sure if spam, but I don’t know why is that so. Maybe it’s because I use such a style for my rss feed.

      • psionix

        hmmmm, ok. I think your rss settings is selected as “short”? Anyway, I guess I will just manually click “View Original Article” when using the app :P

        • Tabris

          Yes, I chose a “short” option because I think it’s more useful for most of my readers.

          >I will just manually click “View Original Article”
          It will be very nice of you (◕‿◕✿)

  • Hi Tabris,

    I’m the webmaster of this anime news blog, Aniplogs Anime Source. Are you accepting link exchanges of your blog? If you are, I hope you grant my request for a link exchange.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Tabris

      Hey, iiiChan!
      Sure, let’s do that.
      I’m always glad to exchange a links with an owners of such a nice anime blogs.
      I have already added your link to my sidebar.

  • Hello,
    I was just wondering if you would like to exchange with my website which about anime cosplay?

    Thanks either way

    • Tabris

      Hey, Valerie!
      Of course, let’s do the exchange ^^
      Especially since you have such a nice website.

  • I love this blog! Its up to date, its informative, and it doesn’t bash on shows based on their genre! You obviously love blogging about this, and we love watching you blog about this! Keep it up!

    • Thank you my friend! I really appreciate it ^_^

  • Dalila Ramos

    U talk like those sweet girls on animes….