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A lot of positive changes have happened on Sugoi! Blog during last few months. In particular, the number of readers who come to the blog regularly (every day or every other day) increased hugely. And I feel really happy about it. But at the same time the server load has increased, so I had to change my hosting plan to provide continuous access to the site for such a large number of visitors.

Now the blog’s maintenance costs me a decent amount of money every month, that’s why I decided, reluctantly though, to set the donations to support Sugoi! Blog. I wouldn’t set any minimum amounts, so let everyone donate as much as he finds necessary and as regularly as he thinks possible. I appreciate any help you want to provide. Thank you!

Update. Here’s the Top 3 donators list at the moment:

1. MysticPain7
2. Sonic
3. Gulabjamuns, Kevin Rajaram

Thank you for your support, guys!

  • if you have a lot visitor, then you should have Pay Per Click advertising…
    and are you really get paid by j-list? you should make PPC ad cause it was easier to get money…
    if your post is about the product they have, then you should get more money…
    i have a blog that review about product on amazon*.com and it’s still hard to make the visitor buy the product…

    • Yep, J-List’s ads help a little, but even in the most successful months the payments from J-List don’t cover even half the cost of maintaining the blog =_= On the other hand, I don’t want to clutter up Sugoi! with the irrelevant advertising, which has no relation to anime.

      • how about game? i think 0ne ad at the bottom of your post doesnt hurt anything…
        it’s just my opinion, cause i dont have a paypal to donate or buy at jlist… and i just can click the ad as long as i have time… XD

  • Just sent $10 your way!

    • Hey, Kevin! Thanks a lot for your support! I really appreciate it ^__^

      • You’re welcome man! Love the content on your site with all the updates. Going to try my best to send something your way as often as I can :D

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